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Tree Removal, Pruning, and Installation in Huntsville, AL

By removing, pruning and installing trees, Harper's Tree Service helps our customers maintain a beautiful, healthy and safe landscape in Huntsville, AL and North Alabama.

Save Your Lawn and Money with Our Experienced Climbers

For the last 25 years, the difference between us and our competitors is our versatile and experienced climbers.
We opted out of using heavy equipment, such as Bobcat equipment and bucket trucks, to save our customer's significantly more money. Cutting out this equipment also removes the potential for heavy landscape damage and reduces our footprint on the environment.

Our Tree Care Options and Services

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning and Trimming
  • Stump Grinding
  • Land Clearing
  • Tree Installation
Pruning — Tree Services in Huntsville, AL

Importance of Proper Tree Maintenance

Just about every tree can benefit from regular maintenance. Poor upkeep may result in damage to your trees and property as well as a possible safety hazard for people.


  • Improves the health of your tree by removing dead or dying branches
  • Reduces the risk of potential damage and hazards to friends and family, and your property
  • Prevents Tree Decay
  • Increases property value
  • Improves beauty and structure
  • Promotes long-term stability

Call and schedule a Free Estimate Today

At Harper's Tree Service, we refuse to take any money until our work is complete.
Call us in Huntsville, AL at (256) 298-4244 for a free estimate. We explain all of our processes and recommendations step-by-step before and after your free estimate.
With safety as our number one priority, all of the climbers go through a background check and drug screening.
Great. Will use them again as the trees keep growing! I had three large trees pruned. Two pecan and one maple. The crew (about 5 guys did the work) was so polite. At the end of the job each man shook my hand and thanked me for hiring them. They cleaned up all the debris from the work and left the yard looking cleaner than it was when they arrived. I needed to have a wheelchair loaded into my van and when I asked one man for help he immediately went into the garage and loaded it for me. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others who need tree work.
Nancy L.